Visiting the castle




Visiting the gardens


Map of gardens

(1) The Linden Walk

(2) The Court of the Lions

(3) The Medieval Enclosed Garden

(4) The Panoramic Moat

(5) The Rose Garden

Sister Castle in Abergavenny, South Wales


Visit St Mary's Priory

The Linden Walk

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The Linden Walk

Chateau and Garden, Pays de la Loire

The linden walk is bordered on the right by a succession of rectangular plots where grow perennial plants and shrubs and by the topiary alley composed of around thirty buxus topiaries.

On the sides it is possible for the visitor to admire a collection of viburna as well as several remarkable trees including: a Parrotia persica (hamamelidocea), a cryptomeria japonica, a sistus laurifolia, a kolkwitzia amabilis, a nothofagus antartica, a zelkova carpinifolia, a cistus skanbergii, a gleditsiz triacanthos, a lirodendron tulipifera (Virginie’s tulip tree).

Numerous botanic species

Botanic collections

Numerous remarkable botanic species and collections of roses and peonies are found including :

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