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Visiting the gardens


Map of gardens

(1) The Linden Walk

(2) The Court of the Lions

(3) The Medieval Enclosed Garden

(4) The Panoramic Moat

(5) The Rose Garden

Sister Castle in Abergavenny, South Wales


Visit St Mary's Priory

La Roseraie

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The Rose Garden

Chateau and Garden, Pays de la Loire

The descent from the motte gives access to the field of the Echo, wherein lies the rose garden.

Seven triangular plots showcase around a hundred varieties of ancient species of roses, of which forty are reflowering species, as well as fruit tress, clematises and a collection of peonies. At the centre of these plots are spheres that support the growth of roses and clematises.

Numerous botanic species

Botanic collections

Numerous remarkable botanic species and collections of roses and peonies are found including :

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