Visiting the castle




Visiting the gardens


Map of gardens

(1) The Linden Walk

(2) The Court of the Lions

(3) The Medieval Enclosed Garden

(4) The Panoramic Moat

(5) The Rose Garden

Sister Castle in Abergavenny, South Wales


Visit St Mary's Priory

Château Le Mans, Sarthe, Pays de la Loire, France

Visit "le Donjon"

Guard Room

The visit begins with the Guard Room with its imposing fireplace which bears the arms of the Balzac d’Entraigues family (which recalls a connection with King Henri IV of France, the last Baron of Saosnois in the early sixteenth century whose mistress was from the family).

Dining Room

The dining room has a rounded wall which is more than two metres thick.

First Floor

This bedroom was allegedly slept in by Henri IV of France whilst he was expanding his realm to the West. On the same floor, in the Sainte Barbe Tower, is an old safe room where valuables were kept which has now become an oratory. Its door is interesting because it is one of the few original examples of an ancient door reinforced with metal to protect the room and its contents from fire and theft.

Second Floor

This bedroom, said to be that slept in by Philippe Augustus (last Frankish King and first to be called King of France who died in 1223) occupies the whole floor.
From one side, there is a spectacular view over the countryside with the Normandy forests in the distance and from the other, an overhead view of the enclosed garden where you can see the geometric pattern of the knot garden.

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